IQAC Committee of the institution was established in the year 2007 with three members: Dr. K. Punyu as Chairman, Y.S.Singh as Co-ordinator and T.Alemla Longkumer as Committee Member. In August 2011 the College was assessed by NAAC and was accredited with “B” grade with a grade point of 2.5. At present the IQAC Commiteee members are:

                        Chairman: Dr. Elizabeth Walling, Principal

                        Co-ordinator: Dr Sandip Ratna

                        Assistant Coordinator: Ms Thronlem Jorlim Konyak

                        Committee Members:  1. Dr. Bendangyapangla

                                                                  2. Dr. Runi Nakro

                                                                3. Dr. Neizekhonuo

                                                                  4. Ms. Temsutula Longkumer

 IQAC Steering Committee:

In 2013 the IQAC was constituted with the following members:

  1. Principal: Chairperson
  2. Additional Secretary, H&TE: Member
  3. Additional Director, HE: Member
  4. Headmaster, Ruzhukhrie GHSS: Member
  5. Headmaster, Baptist High HSS: Member
  6. Dr K. Punyu: Member (Community)
  7. President, Alumni Association SCTE- Kohima: Ex-officio Member
  8. Co-ordinator, NAAC Committee:Member-Secretary

Different Committees of IQAC 

  1. Information & Communication Committee
  2. Guidance & Counselling Committee
  3. Staff – Student Welfare Committee
  4. Research & Publication Committee
  5. Purchase Committee
  6. Hostel Committee
  7. Academic & Student Activities Committee
  8. Campus & Resource Management Committee
  9. Library Committee
##NAAC  1st Assessment 2011 Certificate ( Click to View or Download)

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