The State College of Teacher Education, Kohima, Nagaland in the year 2021, attained a Project titled, “Women Technology Park (WTP) for Rural Tribal Women of North-East through Technological Intervention” Sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, SEED division, New Delhi, under the theme “Science and technology for women” to empower women through intervention and innovation of science and technology in skills.   

The Objectives of this project is to:

i. To serve as a basis for the promotion and popularization of improved technologies in weaving and mushroom cultivation for educated unemployed women engaged to earn a living.

ii. To serve as a platform for the technology information pool, documentation and highlighting issues related to women’s technological needs.

iii. To upgrade indigenous knowledge and technology prevalent among the tribal women of the state.

iv. To provide skill development and a guide to establish small and medium entrepreneurship.

v. To provide access to product marketing through marketing agencies, encourage SHG, entrepreneur.

Target Population:  i) Educated Unemployed ST Women  &   ii) Prospective B.Ed. Student-Teachers.


Trades Under consideration

a) Mushroom Grower

b) Sewing Machine Operator.

c) Disposal Paper Plate Making (Dona)

d) Food Processing

 (Information for establishment, procuring of machine or for related information may kindly contact the following individuals)


   PI:         Dr. Sandip Ratna,  +919856950447

   Co-PI:   Mr. Megosiele Khate, +918974249282

   e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]