Motto of the Association: Transforming Lives, Inspiring Change

Structuring of the SCTE Alumni Association Executive Board:

It was decided, the Executive Board will consist of the following-

  1. Executive Council.
  2. Advisory Board.

  1. Executive Council:

President: Daniel Thong

Vice President : Dr. Kevi Rio

Secretary: Kekhriesetuo Ziephru

Finance Secretary: Kedosakho Chucha

Secretary, Data management & placement: Talitemsu Jamir

Publicity & Information Secretary: Agnes Krocha

Institution coordinator: Runi Nakhro

& Information Secy.: Mrs. Agnes Krocha

Members:    a)   Talitemsu Jamir    b)  Kedosakho 

President Addressing the Alumni Association          Alumni Association Meet 

President Addressing the Alumni Association                    Alumni Association Meet

2. Advisory Board:

  1.    Principal, SCTE Ex- Officio member
  2.    Ayie Yhome, RMSA
  3.    Zavise Rume, SCERT
  4.    Asenla Temsu, Chandmari Hr. Sec. Schoo
  5.    Khetoshe, School Education

District Co-ordinators:

Srl No


Co-ordinators Name

1KOHIMAa)  Sote                            b) Atsei
2MOKOKCHUNGa) Lakhi Longkumer     b) Rongsenmenla
3DIMAPURa) Benisha Keppen        b) Zhachamo
4TUENSANG a) O. Akumba                b) Lianghoi
5MONa) Ngiplem                      b)
6WOKHAa) Sulenbeni                   b) Nchumthung
7ZUNHEBOTOa) Inatoli                         b)
8PERENa) Aokum                        b)
9PHEKa) Vengotso                    b) Chetele Wetsah
10KIPHIREa) Lipiri Sangtam          b)
11LONGLENGa) Shamlee Phom          b)

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Aims and Objectives of SCTE Alumni Association:

The following aims and objectives were resolute to be incorporated in the Constitution:

  • To establish network among the past students-teachers inorder to promote unity and fraternity among the alumni.
  • To maintain a close rapport with matters of the Institute by providing feedbacks and collaborating in its growth and development.
  • To facilitate and promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among the teaching community.
  • To establish linkage among the stakeholders and educationist to address issues of educational concern.
  • To promote an attitude of ethical standard and integrity among the alumni.
  • To assist and collaborate with other agencies in bringing about change in the educational system.

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