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YEAR- 2020-21

Vigilance Awareness Week-2020 ( Observed from 28th Oct. – 2nd. Nov. 2020)

Some Selective Essays: 

1. Corruption is a vice and the fact that being vigilant can scale it down cannot be gainsaid. All the stake holders must come forward. The people must get rid of the fear factor utilize the Public Disclosure and Protection of the Informer (PIDBI) resolution to the fullest. The CVC should try to do justice to the complaints it receives and ensure protection of the whistle blowers. Only then we can envisage a new India where the citizens will be proactive to participate in vigilant activities and thus usher in the prosperity of the nation. One hopes that this year the CVC and various central government undertakings while observing Vigilance Awareness week lay adequate thrust on creating awareness among the mass regarding the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of the Informer (PIDBI) resolution of the CVC and its usage. READ MORE…… (<– Click to continue reading)

2.  If as a leader, a team member, a subordinate, a peer, a superior, we are vigilant to the concept of adhering to the larger objective of the organization that draws its power from the mission and the vision of the organization and are guided by the policies framed to navigate, prosperity will follow automatically. In nation building each individual need to be vigilant to make the organization prosper and the collective action will deliver a prosperous
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Slogan,  Banner Writing and campaign through Social media on anti-corruption conducted. Few selective Images:

Essay competition on National Education Day on 11th Nov. 2020. 

Few selective Essays: (Please click on the Essay number that you like to download to read) 

  • Essay-1: The 21st century, an era where competition is at its peak comes the value of education. Education is…… READ MORE…… (<– Click to continue reading)
  • Essay-2: Is it education beyond any degree? Yes, The importance of…. READ MORE…… (<– Click to continue reading)   
  • Essay-3:  Education is important. In every sphere of life. In today’s era success can ….. READ MORE…… (<– Click to continue reading)

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